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Silver Adjustable 45MM V2 Legs Upgrade (Fork Legs Only)

Silver Adjustable 45MM V2 Legs Upgrade (Fork Legs Only)

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Upgrade your 45mm Bart Moto Co inverted fork assembly to V2 with this new and improved set of fork legs,

What's New

Re-engineered Hydraulic Damper
Fork legs have been completely re-engineered inside and out featuring damping on par with modern Grom suspension. Top caps now include an integrated 25 click rebound (suspension up-stroke) speed knob to counter any pogo like feel in any terrain. 

Re-engineered Axle Mounts
The right leg axle mount now incorporates a speedometer stay tab to eliminate any rotation on the speedometer drive gear housing.
The left leg axle mount has been clearanced to allow more space between the rotor and leg.

Look and Finish
Redesigned new look on the fork tube collars.

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