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Adjustable CT70 Silver Inverted Fork with Disc V2 Front End Kit

Adjustable CT70 Silver Inverted Fork with Disc V2 Front End Kit

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CT70 "Mix and Match" Full Suspension Package
CT70 "Mix and Match" Full Suspension Package


Brand new redesigned, Premium Version 2 of Bart Moto Co's best selling front end. Upgrade your stopping power and give your bike a more stable and better feeling handling

Perfect for a full Custom CT70 build, a Restomod CT70 build, or Ice Bear Champion Upgrade

Fits all Honda CT70 and replicas including Ice Bear Champion

What's New

Re-engineered Hydraulic Damper
Fork legs have been completely re-engineered by Bart Moto Co inside and out featuring damping on par with modern Grom suspension. Top caps now include an integrated 25 click rebound (suspension up-stroke) speed knob to counter any pogo like feel in any terrain. 

Re-engineered Axle Mounts
The right leg axle mount now incorporates a speedometer stay tab to eliminate any rotation on the speedometer drive gear housing.
The left leg axle mount has been clearanced to allow more space between the rotor and leg.

Speedometer Gear
Our speedometer gear now sits in a fixed location due to the integrated axle mount tab. The oil seal has been replaced with a looser fitting seal to prevent drag on the hub and extend the life of the seal.

Steering Stem Bearings
We've ditched the standard ball bearings for a proven upgraded tapered needle type bearing and race assembly. Needle bearings are proven to withstand higher radial and axial loads thus extending the life of the bearing.

Look and Finish
New sleek matte finish on the triple tree assembly. Redesigned new look on the fork tube collars. Color matched rotor and disc.


  • Bart Moto Co exclusive premium adjustable knob damping
  • Anodized 6061 CNC Aluminum triple tree with races and needle bearings
  • Laser etched Bart Moto Co logo for authenticity
  • 45MM Oil filled shock and spring assembly with CNC turn knob adjustable rebound damping
  • Original styling CT70 hub to match with stock 10 inch rim with preinstalled bearings
  • 220MM Drilled disc rotor, brake pads and hydraulic lever system
  • Speedometer drive and cable



1. Loctite and tighten all bolts and nuts. They are not tight from factory, only loosely put together.

2. Included spacer goes on rotor side.

3. Try not to release pressure from the brake system. They are not easy to bleed the air out of them. There are tricks to make it easier, but it's best to just avoid depressurizing.

4. If you have any questions about installation please contact Bart Moto Co. It's best to play with the spacing and see how everything goes together. If there are any issues or things that don't seem straight forward let us know.

5. This is a custom part, we cannot guarantee fenders will fit unmodified, other wheels will fit, original OEM risers will fit, tires will fit, etc.


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Richard Mickelson

Great service