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Z50 Heavy Duty Kepspeed Racing +2" Swingarm

Z50 Heavy Duty Kepspeed Racing +2" Swingarm

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This 6cm longer extended swingarm will improve your handling and stability by extending the wheel base.

Fits: Z50 72-78, all Z50R 79-99 models and Ice Bear Leo

This swingarm is meticulously crafted from heavy-duty aluminum and incorporates hexagonal internal bracing and expertly crafted welds to meet the CNC machined mounting points to guarantee unparalleled strength and durability. It also introduces a greatly improved axle adjuster, eliminating the need for wrenches. You can effortlessly fine-tune your chain slack at the end of the swingarm using an Allen wrench, ensuring smooth, precise, and effortless adjustments.

Furthermore, this swingarm features a nylon chain slider, effectively reducing wear on both the swingarm and the chain. In addition to its durability-enhancing qualities, this swingarm comes with removable paddock supports, making maintenance hassle-free when using a paddock-type stand. Lastly, the pivot point of this swingarm utilizes a needle-type bearing, providing exceptional durability.

Perfect for racing, off-roading and big engine swaps. Be confident this swingarm will take on any jumps, trail riding or adult hooning.


  • Chain adjusters
  • Extended brake rod
  • Shock bolts
  • Axle bolt
  • Brake stay bracket
  • Paddock 
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