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Z50 610MM Inverted Fork with Disc

Z50 610MM Inverted Fork with Disc

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Honda Z50 1972-79 with 4 Bolt x 65MM 10" rims

Z50R 1980-99 by re-drilling stock rim or with early style 4 Bolt x 65MM rim



600MM from top of fork to axle

Uses a 4 X 65MM hub for minimum of 10" wheels

Please refer to photos and verify fitment before purchasing

100MM riser hole spacing



  • 6061 CNC Aluminum triple tree with races and ball bearings
  • 45MM Oil filled shock and spring assemblies
  • Original styling Z50 hub to match stock 10 inch rim with preinstalled bearings
  • 220MM Drilled disc rotor, brake pads and hydraulic lever system
  • Speedometer drive and cable

Made to be used with risers and BMX style handlebars. Original fold down bars can be mounted by modifying bar clamps or can be found on our website already provisioned for the top nut



 1. The steering stems are tapered to allow the bearing inner race to stay seated while turning. They do not go on easily. Best way to install the inner race at the bottom of the stem is put the steering stem in the freezer for a bit, set it on a bench, torch the race to heat and expand the metal, slide it down the stem, slip over a pipe and hammer it down.

2. Loctite and tighten all bolts and nuts. They are not tight from factory, only loosely put together.

3. Try not to release pressure from the brake system. They are not easy to bleed the air out of them. There are tricks to make it easier, but it's best to just avoid depressurizing.

4. The forks are filled with about 1 cup of oil in each fork leg. This is cheap factory oil and is a lower viscosity. We recommend 20WT fork oil and adding slightly more oil to each fork. You can easily open them up and add or remove oil, then recheck compression by pushing them down on the bench. More oil will stiffen them up, however we don't recommend going below 1 cup.

5. If you have any questions about installation please contact us. It's best to play with the spacing and see how everything goes together. If there are any issues or things that don't seem straight forward let us know.

6. This is a custom part, we cannot guarantee fenders will fit unmodified, other wheels will fit, original OEM risers will fit, tires will fit, etc.


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